Thursday, December 9

"Enligthenment" Monday!!!

It's festive season and I want to bring in some fresh cheer to my blog readers by introducing a Monday tips section. Expect to see practically applicable interesting finds,  and great tips every first day of the work week! Here's the one for starters that I just bumped into yesterday!

I've heard about Tibetan bowls several times before and i knew there were something powerful and positive. Last night out shopping at 'Lim's' I came across these bowls that were on sale and noticed an 'aum' like sound thanks to another female shopper who was playing around with them. That's how I learnt how to use them - that you just need to use the mallet to hit gently once and then slide it along the rims to create a soothing sound vibration that can cleanse your mind and environment of negativity at the same time! (In meditation, once the bowl is sounded, then the meditator uses the note as an aid, following it into silence.) I was sooo fascinated and almost wanted to pick up one but realized that the quality of this one wasn't great...I could hear the beautiful sound almost 3mins after she had played it but apparently the sound frequency of the some antique ones is even better and probably has higher vibrations!

I hope I inspire you to make your first hours of the day more fruitful with better mind cleansing, balancing and energizing activities that help you feel more connected through the day. This one's a definite tool to look out for to add into that morning routine..or even an after-work one!

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